Турагентство в Туркменистане
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Akhal velayat

Akhal velayat (Turkm. Akhal velayat) is an administrative unit in the south of Turkmenistan. Initially, the city of Ashgabat was the administrative branch of the velayat, but later it was brought into a separate administrative unit, and Annau became the concentration.

On the territory of the velayat there are a number of historical monuments from the reign of the Parthians and the great Seljuks (Altyn-Depe, Nisa, Serakhs). Tourist routes are open to these monuments.

4 km south of the village of Dushak and 175 km northeast of Ashgabat, there is an archaeological monument of the Bronze Age of the Yaz culture Ulug-depe with an area of 26 hectares, which is included in the system of such large settlements of ancient farmers of the foothill strip of the Kopetdag along with Kara-depe, Namazga- depe, Altyn-depe and Yylgynly-depe.