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Avaza National Tourist Zone

National tourist zone "Avaza" (turkm. "Awazá" milli syýahatçylyk zolagy) is a resort in the east of the Caspian Sea, the national tourist zone of Turkmenistan,...
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Cultural and entertainment center «Alem»

Cultural and entertainment center "Alem" (turkmen. "Älem" medeni dynç alyş merkezi) is located in Ashgabat (Turkmenistan). The total height of the center is 95 meters....
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Darvaza — «Gates of Hell»

Darvaza (turkm. Derweze from Persian “دروازه”‎ [darvaza] - “gate”) is a gas crater in Turkmenistan. Locals and travelers call it the "Door to the Underworld",...
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Merv (Turkm. Merw; Persian مرو‎) is the oldest known city of Central Asia, standing on the banks of the Murgab River in the southeastern part...
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Akhal-Teke horse

The Akhal-Teke horse, or Akhal-Teke horse (Turkm. Ahal-teke aty), is a riding breed of horses bred on the territory of modern Turkmenistan (Ahal-Teke) presumably about...
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Canyon Yangi-Kala

Translated from Turkmen, it means "fiery fortresses". This is a picturesque and unusual place - the rocks of purple, yellow, beige, red colors really seem...
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