Турагентство в Туркменистане
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Grand week in Turkmenistan

Grand week in Turkmenistan

A large week-long tour of Turkmenistan at the beginning will immerse you in the most incredible place in the northern direction, the gas crater «Darvaza», then heading to the capital Ashgabat, you will be given a short course on the cultural and historical sights of the country.

After Ashgabat city, following the footsteps of the «Silk Road» visit in the east » Ancient Merv.

Arriving back in the capital of the country, you will fully get acquainted with the oasis of Turkmenistan, the white marble city Ashgabat, its heritage and innovative sights, while visiting the surroundings of the city, also visit the horse farm, seeing the legendary «Akhal-Teke» horses.

The final two days of the tour will take place in the western direction, you will have a flight to the city of Turkmenbashi, a short city tour and an off-road trip to the grandiose Yangigala canyon.