Турагентство в Туркменистане
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Turkmenistan — Uzbekistan tour

Turkmenistan - Uzbekistan tour

    We present you a 10-day tour of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, in which you will find yourself between the modern technological innovations of cities and the rich historical ancient heritage.

The 10-day tour starts in the heart of Central Asia in the city of Ashgabat. Landing at the airport of the capital, you will plunge into the beauty and unsurpassed architecture of the city. White marble buildings, numerous fountains, residential and commercial buildings of the Art Nouveau era, from the sight of which you will be delighted. After getting to know Ashgabat, go to the legendary gas crater Darvaza, proceed to the city of Mary and visit the ancient city of the Silk Road — Ancient Merv and visit the famous mausoleum of Soltan Sanjar.

After Ancient Merv, go to the city of Turkmenabad and get acquainted with the cultural and historical part of the city.

As a result of 5 days in Turkmenistan, you will get acquainted with the traditions, culture, peculiarities of the national cuisine and the hospitality of our native Turkmenistan.



Crossing the border with Uzbekistan, you will get acquainted with the sights of this beautiful state. The first city where tourists will live will be Bukhara.

Bukhara is the pearl of the East, one of the most ancient and beautiful cities located in Uzbekistan. This city keeps many secrets and legends. And no wonder, because it is already more than 2500 years old.


The history of Bukhara is very interesting and fascinating. According to one of the legends, this city appeared thanks to Prince Siyavush, who built the Ark fortress. This fortress would later play the role of the city center, where the rulers lived with their large retinue. Bukhara also served as a huge trading post through which the Great Silk Road ran.


When driving to the city of Samarkand, the cities of Gijduvan and Navoi will pass. Where they will see cotton fields. On the way, you can taste the famous Gijduvan kebabs, see the caravanserai (parking lot on the Great Silk Road).

    “Everything I heard about Samarkand is true, absolutely everything! Except for one thing: he turned out to be more beautiful than I could have imagined!”

Alexander the Great»


In Samarkand, tourists, along with visiting historicalmonuments, can have a wine tasting, named after the famous Samarkand plant named after. Khavrenko. Visit the paper mill where the first papyrus paper was made, enjoy the gifts of nature at the famous Siab Bazaar. Taste delicious Samarkand pilaf in the national house.

Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan, the largest city in Central Asia. Tashkent, like many cities of Uzbekistan, is an ancient city. Its age is over 2000 years.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the city began to change — the so-called «New City» was built. Tashkent was divided into two parts — the old city and the new one. But already by 1940, a planning project was drawn up, according to which it was supposed to unite the two parts of the city. As a result of the reconstruction, a compact territory with a developed infrastructure has turned out. The city was landscaped, impressive architectural structures, squares, parks were built, which can be seen to this day.

We will be glad to meet tourists in amazing and unique Uzbekistan.

Welcome to Turkmenistan!

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