Турагентство в Туркменистане
Avaza National Tourist Zone

Avaza National Tourist Zone

National tourist zone «Avaza» (turkm. «Awazá» milli syýahatçylyk zolagy) is a resort in the east of the Caspian Sea, the national tourist zone of Turkmenistan, located twelve kilometers from the city of Turkmenbashi. It is part of the Avaza etrap of the city of Turkmenbashi, Balkan velayat.

During the summer season Avaza is visited by tourists from all over Turkmenistan and from abroad. The number of vacationers in Avaza at the same time is about 4,000 people. At the moment, the resort has built 17 hotels out of the planned sixty, 6 cottage complexes, 7 health centers, 2 yacht clubs, as well as a number of restaurants and cafes, located along the concreted navigable river 7 kilometers long. New health resorts, cottages for family vacations and fashionable villas, sports and entertainment complexes are being built.

At the state level, decisions were made to build an aqua park with an entertainment center, an oceanarium, a karting center for mini-motorsports, a golf center, shops, a cycle track, a dolphinarium, a planetarium, a cinema and an amusement park on the Avazinsky seashore.

Tourists are also attracted to Avaza by its excellent infrastructure. Near the city of Turkmenbashi is the terminal of the international airport «Turkmenbashi».